Our story

Rich and Sarah – Team Ginfuser, Leicester Gin & Rum Festival

Ginfuser came to be in 2017 as a reaction to gin being served with a raft of floating garnish, flavourings and botanical additions.


Adding things to gin is great – cardamom pods, juniper berries, hibiscus leaves, rose petals – the list goes on –  all these and more make each gin drink individual and flavoursome.


However… this can make it difficult to enjoy the drink.


The ginfuser concept addresses this by encapsulating the smaller additives, allowing the flavour to permeate, but making the drink simple to enjoy.


You can tailor the flavours to your personal favourites, or aim for a different flavour in every glass.


We hope your ginfuser experience is simple and straightforward. If not, however, please get in touch via info@ginfuser.com, or call us on 07890 720 736.



Ginfuser Ltd is registered in England and Wales with company number 10968211
Registered office: 9, Jarvis Way, Whitwick, Coalville, LE67 5HL
“Ginfuser” is a registered trademark in the UK