Reflections on the GFS, and some breaking news…

We’ve just done our first exhibition at the BBC Good Food Show, at the NEC. We had such a great time, and if you managed to get over to see us, then it was great to see you! It was an exhausting four days – it’s safe to say we enjoyed putting our feet up on Monday!

Take-aways: it wasn’t as busy *every* day as we expected. Saturday afternoon was very quiet indeed – not just us, throughout the show. Other exhibitors we spoke to experienced the same. Sunday, on the other hand, was heaving!

Positioning is important! We were lucky to be on the main thoroughfare, not far from the exit of the “Big Kitchen”, which meant that after every celebrity chef demo we got a large footfall passing us.

People, generally, are awesome. Lots of people who had never heard of us now have, and made the time to come over and enquire about our concept, our product, and the feedback (even if they didn’t buy one) was overwhelmingly positive. Some feedback applied to this website – so you’ll be seeing an “ideas” or “recipes” page appearing soon(ish).

All the exhibitors were brilliant. Great bunch of people, across all the stands and brands.

It was our first *big* show, and there are some improvements we can make, so we’ll be reviewing where we could have done better, and you’ll see that wherever we pop up next!

And finally… to the big news. Ginfusers are set to be available in the shops! Yes, we’ll have a physical outlet where you can pick up a ginfuser or two thanks to us pairing up with The Lions Den, in Yarm. Please go see them and support their amazing shop! We’ll be shouting about this more very soon!



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