Autumn flavours

Autumn is well upon us: reddened leaves litter the ground, Halloween costumes litter the shelves, and unlit bonfires can be seen ready to impress. It’s a great time of year, despite the darker mornings and evenings. The joy of curling up inside with the heating on, or in front of a fire, sipping on a drink, enjoying the scents and flavours that Autumn brings.

Which brings me to the point of this post, really: the flavours of Autumn.

What can we infuse our gin with to elicit those particular sensations, to evoke the feeling of Autumn in our taste-buds?

Well, aside from the commercial opportunities that this time of year brings, it is also the time of the harvest, the time that crops are gathered, and that gives some inspiration as to the flavours that we can look to bring out: pumpkin, quince, parsnip and figs all smack of cooler, darker evenings, and all give new and interesting flavours to even the blandest gin once infused through.

As rose blooms begin to fade and the petals drop off, try collecting rose petals and infusing your gin using them. It gives a wonderfully subtle flavour, and a delicious hue to the drink. For extra bonus points, scatter a few over the surface of a freshly drawn bath, and enjoy your drink whilst soaking away your cares!

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