E-flyer promotion

To go hand-in-hand with our appearance at Pub in the Park Marlow, we entered into an agreement with Foodism Magazine to appear in a promotional advert in their e-flyer. The hope being that this would build awareness and engagement with the #ginfuser brand, and encourage people to (a) come and see us at the show, and (b) drive new traffic to our website.

The e-flyer was sent out to all their subscribers, but thus far we are waiting on metrics regarding views, click-throughs and other measurables. We didn’t however, seem to get any additional footfall or website traffic as a direct result, although intangibles like brand awareness may have increased.

What experience of advertising do you have? We are always looking for good ideas to drive awareness (and, ultimately sales – that yacht isn’t going to buy itself!).

The article is below,

Let us know your thoughts!

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