Gin continues to surge

The gin revival – if it should still be called that – shows no signs of slowing down. On the contrary, according to the figures in this Guardian article trademark registration for gin and associated brands (I guess that includes ‘ginfuser’ too), increased by a whopping 41% last year. That’s huge!

Interesting to see cited the fact that flavoured gins are accelerating the demand for gin, and brands are falling over themselves to provide different flavoured options. That’s precisely what the ginfuser is for!

To quote a quote from the article (attributed to Ben Marks of RPC): “Many drinks companies are adopting a strategy of launching multiple sub-brands and varieties of their drinks in order to meet consumer and retailers’ demands for limited runs and niche drinks.”.

What could be more niche, more limited run, more single edition than your own flavours, your own style – your own gin?



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