Gin fatigue?

Interesting article in “the drinks business” this week about a perception that there is a fatigue setting in amongst the drinks consumers, and that the ongoing plethora of craft gins appearing is saturating the market.

The suggestion is that this may turn people away from gin, and that other spirits such as vodka will reap the benefit.

The numbers presented in the article ( seem to suggest that this isn’t the case – with gin sales in the UK alone reaching almost £2 billion, with UK gin sales by volume totalling 66.3 million bottles, up 41% on 2017, and £1.93 billion by value, up 53% to year ending 3rd Nov 2018.

Lots of choice – lots of sales!

If, people are bewildered, baffled and bemused, then a ginfuser can give them the ability to take back control and flavour their own drink on a glass-by-glass basis, rather than at a batch or bottle level. You can try lots of flavours, with just one bottle of gin in the cupboard! Oh, if you do prefer vodka – rest assured, a ginfuser works just as well with vodka too!

Enjoy your ginfusing, make it #YourDrink.

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