Ginfuser take privacy very seriously, and your data will be kept confidential. You will not receive any third party marketing email. No data will ever be sold to a third party. As a UK business, Ginfuser Ltd. abides by the terms set forth in the GDPR.

Data collected will be used purely for the purposes of payment validation and product delivery, i.e. for the business use for which it was submitted.

At any point you may request to know what information we hold about you, and also to have it deleted.


Ginfuser are absolutely committed to equality and inclusiveness for everyone.

Environment and Sustainability

Ginfuser will do everything possible to ensure that all activities are carried out with the minimal possible impact on the environment. A full environmental policy is available here.

Modern Slavery 

Ginfuser recognises the existence of slavery in the twenty-first century, and undertakes to ensure all efforts are made to ensure that every worker employed in the production of our product is suitably recompensed.


Please feel free to contact us at info@ginfuser.com should you wish to discuss this, or any other data privacy or security concerns.