Sweets… for my sweet

Half of Team Ginfuser has a sweet tooth. The other doesn’t. This is a story about the half that does 🙂

Parma violet gin hit the shops this year, with brands such as Whitley Neill and Zymurgorium launching coloured gins flavoured with the old-school favourites.

We’ve gone one better (we like to think) and tested not just parma violets, but love hearts and refreshers too (is that two better, then?). All three give the gin a distinctive flavour – a very sweet distinctive flavour.

The best news (for the other half of Team Ginfuser) – you can do it on a glass by glass basis using your ginfuser, meaning you can share a bottle of gin, but cater to all tastes! Truly a case of “a different flavour in every glass”!



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